This is the personal blog site from Eric Verkaar, director Zorgbelang Inclusief. Zorgbelang Inclusief is a support organisation for citizins, clients and patients and their voluntary organisations (health care and welfare) in the provinces Gelderland Utrecht and Zuid-Holland, in The Netherlands. We support a population of nearly 7 million citizens.

Our aims are:

  • To support people so that they can live their lives als they like, despite eventual retrictions, due to illnesses or handicaps.
  •  To transform health care and welfare to a client- or patient oriented sector, where the needs and perspectives of patients and clients are central to the acting of professionals, institutions and government.

Zorgbelang Inclusief’s activities are:

  • Client based projects on innovation of quality of service in health care and welfare
  • Individual support: information, advice and support concerning client/patient rights and the access and quality of care
  • Support of many forms of voluntary action

Zorgbelang Inclusief is financed by many sponsors: the Province Gelderland, many local authorities, many health care institutions, health care insurance companies, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and private funds.

For more information: please contact me, by filling in a contact form.